Browser hijackers

WindowsMangerProtect20.0.0.1277 virus

WindowsMangerProtect20.0.0.1277 is a new malicious application, which is a component of many browser hijackers today. For example, it is installed together with Omiga-Plus, WebsSearches, MyStartSearch and other hijackers of similar
OffersWizard ads

Remove Ads by OffersWizard

OffersWizard Ads may pop-up in your computer, being powered by OffersWizard Network System Driver adware. If you think that it is OK to have this application in your PC, then
Ads by TestSpeeder

Ads by TestSpeeder (removal guide)

TestSpeeder Ads and their multiple occurrence is what bothers many users today. These ads are powered by TestSpeeder adware, which is spread in the world wide web today. As a