As a technical writer I run several of my own blogs dedicated to malware removal. I assist users in fixing the majority of computer problems they might have, such as annoying pop-up ads, continuous browser redirection issues and many other troubles. I have never though what a wonderful program Jivochat is in terms of facilitating interaction with my customers. Furthermore, this application is a great asset to improve the ranking of my websites in Google and other search engines. So, if you want your website to be on the top of Google Search results, Jivochat is one of the most excellent solutions for this worthwhile purpose.

JivoChat integrated into website
JivoChat integrated into website

I use Jivochat on the majority of my blogs dedicated to Internet security and fixing computer problems. Sites from which most of my chats come from are,,

With Jivochat you may actually make Google or Yandex like your websites using several tricks. Needless to mention, these changes in search ranking will not happen at once, however, you will definitely notice a lot of positive amendments to the position of your website in search index. Here are the tricks I use through Jivochat to make Google or Yandex like my sites:

  1. Jivochat makes real users stay longer on my websites. This obviously is a good signal for search engines to believe my websites are beneficial to users;
  2. After I help users to fix their computer problems they often get back to chat on my site to say “Thank you”. Or they come back to chat if their PC has been restarted and they need further instructions to fix their PC issues. This is yet another excellent sign for search engines that makes they believe users are really interested in my websites up to the extend that they return back to it;
  3. Once the PC issue is resolved I often ask users to spread the news about my websites on social media like Facebook, VKontakte, various topical forums. Thus, Jivochat is an excellent opportunity for me to promote my Facebook page. In fact, the majority of Facebook likes of my page were received thanks to Jivochat. And these are real Facebook likes, not bots.

The screenshot below proves that Jivochat is a good way to promote your website in social networks:

JivoChat - tool to improve the presence of your site in social networks
JivoChat – tool to improve your site in social networks

Helping users through Jivochat to fix their PCs infected by computer viruses is fully interactive. First, before some particular user starts writing me a message, I already understand what kind of problem he/she has. Typically user starts chat from certain post of my blog devoted to elimination of some malicious application. Hence, I am able to grasp the sort of the PC problem in advance.

I believe that paying a little bit over 100 USD a year per Jivochat single user license will be reimbursed tenfold or even hundredfold in the short run. Simply use my recommendations and your will see how search engines start liking your website and boosting it into the top ranking positions.

Video explaining how I use JivoChat to boost my website position in search engines: