We will devote several of our guides to the issues of rogue antiviruses, also known as fake anti-spyware (fake antivirus programs). A few years ago they used to be extremely popular among hackers and cyber fraudsters, whereas nowadays they are almost completely replaced by malwares of other nature. These are applications that claim to be useful for users, however, in reality they don’t represent any value. They must be immediately installed from PCs. These rogue programs are presented as some superb security solutions, whereas they are just good for nothing when it comes to rendering real anti-malware services.

The reason why some crooks develop such rogue security programs is because they can bring quite a good profit for them. Generally all such fake antivirus applications prompt users into buying their full versions. These applications can be spread by means of some malicious links distributed in the world wide web.

Usually the tactics of rogue antiviruses are very deceptive. These programs don’t even have direct installers, they come to PCs without user’s knowledge or permission. And, obviously, they are not furnished with any uninstallers at all. Immediately after unauthorized intrusion into PC they start imitating the scanning of attacked system, and then report the large number of fake threats, problems and errors (mainly related to fake information about all kinds of threats supposedly detected by these rogue programs).

Typically the fake computer scans initiated by rogue antiviruses don’t last too long, just several seconds or possibly a little bit longer. The purpose of such fake scan is to make users scared, after they’re told about all sorts of unreal problems and invented threats supposedly inside of their PCs. We recommend you to be careful if you ever face one of the representatives of such rogue anti-spyware programs. Do not ever buy them, because this is the waste of your time. We hope that our guides dedicated to removal of rogue security programs will be helpful to you, and that you will share this information with your friends and neighbors.