Ransomware is a malicious software (malware) that may implant itself into targeted PC, lock it completely or partially, and demand its user to pay funds (ransom) to unlock it. Right now ransomware is actively spread among many computers in the world, targeting various locations where Internet is available. In this blog we will publish many versatile tutorials that aim to assist users in prevention of ransomware samples and their effective removal (i.e. unlocking of PCs affected by them).

Right now there are several types of ransomware (lockers). They act differently depending on the target of their attack. Some ransomware programs are able to lock the entire system, whereas other samples could lock just some browser. There are other lockers that are capable of encrypting some or all available files on the attacked PC, telling users to pay the ransom to unlock it.

The ransomware programs that lock the entire PC or some particular browsers are often presented in the form of fake police warning. Typically it says that the owner of the PC was found to perform a lot of illegal activities through the targeted computer or browser, thus explaining the “reason” why they got blocked. In reality, this is absolutely fake information, and the message isn’t related to any local police or other law-enforcement agency of any country.

Those ransomware infections that just block browsers are much easier to remove, unlike those that are capable of blocking the entire PC. Typically to get rid of the browser locker users simply need to reset their affected browsers. This can be done using built-in modules that allow to reset all major browsers.

On the other hand, those ransomware programs that can lock the whole PC are sometimes quite difficult to be deleted, since they block the entire system, without letting users access any other non-regular boot modes, such as Safe Mode with Networking, Safe Mode with Command Prompt, etc. Finally, those ransomware samples that encrypt user’s files on the targeted PC are the most difficult to get rid of. We will do all our best to help you in removal of such kinds of cyber infections and hope that by doing so we will make Internet a safer place to surf.