A considerable number of the articles of our website will be related to the large variety of potentially unwanted programs. They’re often abbreviated as PUPs. The majority of such absolutely useless applications are actively spread together with many other free programs offered to be downloaded by users. Our job is to explain to you why exactly they’re useless, to instruct you to stay away from them, and, finally, to explain to you how these PUPs can be effectively dealt with (i.e. removed from your computer).

Potentially unwanted program (PUP)
Potentially unwanted program (also known as potentially unwanted application)

The truth is that the majority of such potentially unwanted applications (a.k.a. PUAs) claim to be extremely useful for people. They promise a considerable improvement of PC performance, whereas in reality they’re absolutely helpless and even slow down the operation of your PC. These PUPs claim to be able to perform various things – from making sure your drivers are updated, to cleaning your system from malwares, optimizing your registry, and even doing the job of some superb anti-virus software. In reality, such claims of these PUPs are truly overestimated, being not grounded on their real capabilities. In all cases, these programs are not able to perform any single good thing for your system. Instead, what they do is just contaminate your system with a lot of junk files, folders, processes and registry entries, which altogether extremely slow down the overall functionality of your workstation.

The large portion of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) is actively spread these days together with free programs, which can be easily downloaded by users from various freeware download resources. People need to be careful when they install such free applications. Reading the instructions of their setup wizards is a must-do thing, as well as their EULAs (End User License Agreements). Such resources typically clearly mention regarding all kinds of third-party software offered to be installed into PCs by default. When users see such extra programs which they don’t need, it is their duty to cancel such default installation options, and select the custom installation instead where these extra programs will be unchecked, lest they’re installed.

The danger of PUPs (PUAs) is that they often instruct users to buy them, even though they don’t actually render any decent services, as we’ve said already above. If you buy a brand new PC and somehow end up having one of such PUPs installed by mistake, this program will immediately report tons of fake problems, errors and infections on your PC, even though your system is absolutely clean. Thus, in the majority of the cases the errors and problems reported by such PUPs are just the way of scaring users into buying them. All such malfunctions stated during fake system scans of PUPs are simply invented and unreal. Definitely, you should stay away from purchasing these absolutely not necessary applications.

There are many blogs these days that speak of potentially unwanted programs, yet sometimes their instructions for removal of these PUPs aren’t always working. In this website we will publish more articles on specific PUPs, their description, and the way they can be uninstalled from computers. If you indeed want to get rid of them from your PC effectively, it is your duty to carefully pay attention to the guidelines on specific PUP removal from your system.