We all use the world wide web, so we know what a browser is. Browser means a special program used for accessing various websites. Whether you use Google Chrome, Yandex, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer,Opera or Safari, your browser is always under the risk of being affected by a potentially unwanted program classified as browser hijacker. Of course, this program will not speak about itself as a browser hijacker, but this is exactly what it does with your browser once the attack is accomplished.

A considerable number of articles in this blog will be devoted to browser hijackers and effective ways of their removal from your system. So, what do browsers hijackers actually do with your search settings and preferences? Most often they replace your default home page of your browser with its own. If your Google Chrome is hijacked, this means that instead of google.com in the home page you will see a totally different website. Plus, opening every new search tab of your browser will also show this strange website, instead of a blank page.

In addition to hijacking the home page, your very search will also be modified. It will be redirected through other third-party websites, not associated with your browser at all. Thus, you might see a lot of annoying ads and sponsored links displayed together with the search results redirected through the browser hijacker that attacked your system.

If your browser has been hijacked, you might also see a lot of annoying advertisement banners displayed in the home page. This all makes your browsing as a truly very annoying experience, but the main trouble is that your system and your browser in particular will function extremely slow because of the attack of the browser hijacker. plus, you might be also redirected to a lot of other malicious websites which may infect your PC with tons of other junkware.

In our guides we will help you to remove specific browser hijackers from your system. You might find more general information about this issue over the Internet, but to get rid of such potentially unwanted applications from troubled PC is a different thing. We will try to make our articles as simple as possible, and will be glad to assist you the best we can in malware removal from your system.