General information about ransomware

Ransomware is a malicious software (malware) that may implant itself into targeted PC, lock it completely or partially, and demand its user to pay funds (ransom) to unlock it. Right now ransomware is actively spread among many computers in the world, targeting various locations where Internet is available. In this blog we
Browser hijackers

General information about browser hijackers

We all use the world wide web, so we know what a browser is. Browser means a special program used for accessing various websites. Whether you use Google Chrome, Yandex, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer,Opera or Safari, your browser is always under the risk of being affected by a potentially unwanted program classified

General information about adware

Many articles at our website will be devoted to removal of adware. What is an adware in the first place? According to the Wikipedia resource, the adware stands for advertising-supported software. In other words, this word implies a special program that has in mind to earn profit to its developers and those

General information about malware

What is malware in the first place? This is a word created as a result of combining two other words – “malicious” and “software“. There are many dangerous programs today in the world wide web. They are actively spread through malicious links, or being bundled with other viruses and potentially unwanted programs.